Percussion Instruments  

Rental Service

PercussionPromotion stands for almost 25 years for service in

management and promotion of professional percussion. We would like

to share our passion for quality instruments and through our website

we offer you the possibility of renting our percussion

equipment with high standards.

PercussionPromotion consists of a collective of professional

percussionists with an instrument collection of professional quality.

Percussion instruments for any kind of genre can be found in our

collection. Whether you are looking for instruments for symphonic

projects, dance productions, theatre productions or musical productions,

we have it.

Besides many traditional instruments from all over the world,

our collection contains: different sets of tympani, Marimbas,

5-octave marimbas (Adams), vibraphones, xylophones, bells, crotales, tubular bells, windmachines, thundersheets, tam-tams, cymbals, bass drums, tom toms, bongos, congas,  drumsets, snare-drums, and a very wide range of small percussion instruments, Thai Gongs from low E on, 2 octave tuned cowbells, boobams, instruments from Asian Sound, Kolberg instruments, Eckermann instruments, Stiggelbout instruments, non-western instruments, tablas, bougarabous: we have it all.


In addition to the above mentioned collection we also provide instruments for educative projects and big groups such as: framedrums, cajons, worldmusic-boxes and djembes.


PercussionPromotion provides the transportation of our rental instruments.

On request we can also provide a stage manager to set up instruments on stage, according to your special wishes, ready-to-play. Transport is provided directly after the performance. We offer on demand our professional help and advice on site.

The transportation of our instruments is provided by:

Luc Kossen

Transport, Stage management and percussion specialist

And by:

OLYMPUK Amsterdam

Transport (only bring and retrieve)

Tel. +31(0) 20 - 637 22 73

Fax. +31(0) 20 - 637 22 81

Please contact us for more information and prizes.

Asian Sound



  A discrete selection of our special collection:

    Orchestral instruments:

    2 New Vienna Salonorchester “Schnellar”

    Tympani with goatskin

    2 “Van der Hoek” Tympani

    Thein “Triangel’s”

    Entirely hand made from high

    quality metal alloys


     “Indian drum” (not tunable)

      brand “Kambala”