On this page we offer you our selection of links to professional percussionists and ensembles.

Each link is provided with a small introduction and a photo. For more information click on the link, and you will be able to visit the webpage and to contact the percussionist or ensemble.


adapter Contemporary Music Ensemble

ArtEZ slagwerkDUO Contemporary Percussion duo

Bart de Vrees Percussionist/ Composer

Christiaan Saris Percussionist

Ensemble Vinorosso Ensemble Folkmusic

Holger Denckmann Percussionist

Joint Venture Percussion Duo Contemporary percussion duo

J.O.N.G. ensemble Ensemble Chambermusic

Joost Visser Drummer

Long and Harry Jazzband

Margarita Kourtparasidou Percussionist

Marijn Korff de Gidts Percussionist

Matthias Engler Percussionist

Ramon Lormans Percussionist

Ruud Roelofsen Percussionist

Slagzin Percussion Theatre Group

Sven Pollkötter Percussionist

Theodor Milkov Percussionist

Tom de Cock Percussionist

Twitching Eye Trio Percussion Trio

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